Lacrosse 1x1 Loyalty Badge

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1x1 Loyalty Badge with hook backing

FIVE Loyalty Badges appear in the image - this is for ONE Loyalty Badge only based on the color you choose

Select the Make it a Loyalty Wrap option to include a 1x3 hook and loop strap (for an additional $1.50)
- perfect for wrapping around small objects such as backpack straps, bag straps,
sandals, shoe laces, lanyards, wine glasses, and whatever else works!

1x1 Loyalty Badge with hook backing attaches to the following accessories (SOLD SEPARATELY):

  • 1x1 loop panels on certain hats - one on each side of any four patch hat and the three patch visor
  • Keychain wallets
  • Bag tags
  • Patch display panel
  • Sticker converter

Not for children under five years old

Shipping currently available within the US only