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What is Loyalty Patch®?


Loyalty Patch™ is a modular patch system designed to show loyalty to your favorite destinations, teams, companies, and schools.

What can you do with Loyalty Patches?

STICK Loyalty Patches on your laptop, cell phone, instrument case, cooler, or other surface using the Loyalty Loop adhesive panel (included with most Loyalty Patches).

WEAR Loyalty Patches on your Loyalty Hat. Each Loyalty Hat offers multiple patch locations to personalize your Loyalty Patch selection. 

DISPLAY Loyalty Patches on our accessories.

WRAP Loyalty Patches around backpack straps, shoe straps, and shoe laces.

SEW Loyalty Patches on your backpack or other fabric.

COLLECT Loyalty Patches.

Interested in Fundraising with Loyalty Patch®?


Let us create your custom Loyalty Patch to help you earn money for your school, team, or other organization.

Supporters can purchase your custom Loyalty Patch and other Loyalty Patch products directly from you, from our website, or from retail locations near you. We'll work with you to design the right products and pursue the best method of sale.

Giving back is important to us! You will receive a portion of the proceeds from your custom Loyalty Patch, regardless of where your Loyalty Patches are sold.

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