Featured Artist 05 - May 2021 - Beach Sunset by Becca Sapienza

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Limited Edition 2x3 Loyalty Patch featuring artwork by Becca Sapienza

IG: @shopvitaminsea



Becca attended college for Fine Arts and loves to focus on nature and wildlife with her watercolor and acrylic pieces. A Florida-native, she has also started a clothing company with her designs called Vitamin Sea Clothing, that donates to environmental charities. Becca is now about to graduate with her Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and hopes to continue to study Florida’s history and apply it to her artwork‘s inspiration.  

2x3 Loyalty Patch with hook backing attaches to the following accessories (SOLD SEPARATELY):

  • 2x3 loop panels on hats (front patch)
  • Keychain wallets
  • Bag tags
  • Patch display panel
  • Sticker converter

Shipping currently available within the US only