Featured Artist 04 - Apr 2021 - Here for the Beer by Jen Borror

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Limited Edition 2x3 Loyalty Patch featuring artwork by Jen Borror

IG: @hootdesignstudio

Web: www.hootdesignstudio.com


I’m a firm believer in creativity starting from within. Whether it’s a logo design, print advertising or a craft beer label - the vision starts with an idea. A creative thought that is put on paper first. The computer is merely a tool to polish and finesse the concept. Good design isn’t a one-click process. It isn’t an app, and it’s certainly not a template. It’s a custom and unique ability and talent.

Hoot Design Studio visually communicates stories and branding thru pen & ink illustration and graphic design. Located in York, PA Hoot is a forward thinking design studio offering original art, custom advertising and a personal design experience that is all about quality and craftsmanship. No clipart or stock templates here.

2x3 Loyalty Patch with hook backing attaches to the following accessories (SOLD SEPARATELY):

  • 2x3 loop panels on hats (front patch)
  • Keychain wallets
  • Bag tags
  • Patch display panel
  • Sticker converter

Shipping currently available within the US only