Featured Artist 03 - Mar 2021 - Mental Health Awareness by Kat Ash

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Limited Edition 2x3 Loyalty Patch featuring artwork by Kat Ash

IG: @katash_illustrationart

Web: www.katashillustration.com


“Hi, I’m Kat! I am an Atlanta based artist, freelance illustrator, and [newly] muralist currently working with Cultivation Brewery as a resident artist, branding, and e-marketing. I just recently obtained an MFA degree in Illustration from Savannah College of Art and Design. A lot of my focused work, personal pieces, and thesis studies involve mood and texture driven subject matter inspired by nature, psychology, and heavily geared towards the editorial world. With a background in textile design and fiber arts, a blend of traditional textures, media, and digital technique brings a unique style and aspect of storytelling to the illustration and design industries today. This organic recipe really excites me as I always find new ways to further this blend.”

2x3 Loyalty Patch with hook backing attaches to the following accessories (SOLD SEPARATELY):

  • 2x3 loop panels on hats (front patch)
  • Keychain wallets
  • Bag tags
  • Patch display panel
  • Sticker converter

Shipping currently available within the US only